Transportation and Delivery

The products are delivered at the specified address by the customer on the purchase order and only in metropolitan France and Overseas department.
The customer is responsible for checking the condition of packaging of the gods upon delivery and reports any damage due to the carrier on the purchase order, as well as the company Pegane.NET, within a week. The customer may, at his request, obtain the sending of an invoice to the billing address and not to the delivery address validating the planned option for this purpose on the purchase order.

Concerning shipping, we work essentially with Colissimo and GLS. In both cases, as soon as we proceed an email, you will immediately receive an email informing you.

Coliposte To minimize transportation costs, all small and medium size products are shipped by a postal service: Colissimo. In addition of being economical, this service delivers 48H in the whole France and offers you the possibility to recover the gods ordered at your local office near to delivery address if there is no place of delivery address then at the presentation factor. Concretely, if you are absent the day of delivery , your factor will let a notice in your mailbox, allowing you to collect your parcels at your post office during business hours, within 15 days .

Colissimo is a very reliable service. However, it may, as any shipping , there may be a delay in delivery or the product get lost. In case of late delivery according to the date specified in the mail of shipping, we ask you report this delay in calling us by phone or send us an email. We will contact then the Post to start an investigation. A Post investigation may take 21 days from the start of the investigation. If during this period, the product is found, it will be redirected immediately to your home (the majority of cases). If the product is not found at the end of 21 days of investigation, The Post considers the parcel as being lost.In this case, we can send you a replacement product tat our expenses. If the product or products ordered are not available at that time, we will refund the amount of products affected by the loss of the carrier. If the product or products are available, but have changed their selling price on the website, we apply the new sale price, either by refunding you by check for the difference or requesting a complementary check on the price differential. We disclaim any responsibility for the longer delivery times due to the carrier, especially in the case of loss of products or strike.

Shipment by GLS within 24H for only the companies. Just a postman, a carrier GLS in case of absence will leave a notice and a phone number for you to arrange an appointment with the driver as part of its tour, or go pick up your package at your convenience in the nearest GLS center. If you have not received anything within 24 hours following our email of shipping confirmation, do not hesitate to let us know. We will treat directly with GLS for carrying out the declaration of loss as soon as possible (no minimum time), and then we can make a reshipment.